Brookings (and Florence!), September 2014

Too much fun at my ocean. (Ben Rakich, Sept 2014)

Fabulous year 3 family camping trip! Too tired to write much, so for now some photos to tell our story :) We’re already counting down the days until next year’s trip!

I doggy…you not a doggy Fletcher dog. Classic method actor :)

Spur of the moment family BBQ (thanks to the awesome salmon catching skills of Dad and Trudy…and Gramma Nova’s love of salmon…and Mylan’s love of bbq’ing and baking). Ben is just now understanding feeling anticipation and excitement for upcoming events like guests or vacations…he was so excited for everyone to arrive that we had to sit on the front porch to wait for them 15 minutes before they got there :)

Once again, could these two be any cuter? Ben adores his friend Zoey (and she calls him ‘Neighbor Ben’…so sweet)!

Once again, could these two be any cuter? Ben adores his friend Zoey (and she calls him ‘Neighbor Ben’…so sweet)!

Before/during/after. Best. Haircut. Ever! I could not have been more proud of our handsome big guy…he was 100% incredible! No tears, no nothing. Thank you Nancy hair stylist!

Don’t you love it when kangaroos are the first animal that comes to mind? Interview with Ben R., age. 2 1/2

My Boys

Ben and Mylan are snuggling together while Ben falls asleep. I’ve had a long day, oh boy have I, so I couldn’t be more thankful that Mylan is my co-parent and so willingly takes over bedtime duties after I bathe Ben, wrangle PJ’s and tooth brushing and last potty and books (and yes, I hate to say it but there’s still a lot of bedtime work after all that, before our energizer kiddo finally falls asleep). Just a few minutes ago, I overheard the following on the monitor:
Ben: “Papa Mylan Rakich, you a sweaty bear like me?” (Ben was clammy sweaty when I left him with Mylan, so I’d called him that)
Mylan: “Yeah buddy, I’m a sweaty bear too. That’s why you’re a sweaty bear, because you’re my son.”

Too cute :) Love my sweaty bears!

And…Mr Potty Training Ben has learned that saying he needs to go pee again, and again, after lights go out has allowed him to postpone bedtime at his discretion. Game over dude, we’re on to you!